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Windstream hits the road with annual Green Truck Tour

March 10, 2009

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Windstream (NYSE: WIN) kicks off its fourth annual Green Truck Tour with interactive exhibits showcasing Windstream's reliable phone, high-speed Internet and digital TV products, and a new program to give $200,000 to schools for computer labs and new technology.

The Green Truck Tour is a mobile marketing tour that allows customers to interact with Windstream products and features the company's iconic Green Truck - a refurbished and renovated 1953 pickup truck designed to represent Windstream's heritage and future innovation.

The 2008 tour included stops in 14 states from May through October and traveled a total of 30,000 miles. This year's tour has been extended and three trucks will make stops across 14 states from March through November.

At tour stops, visitors become the stars of the show by having their photos or videos made using green screen digital imaging technology to share online with family and friends. They can also check e-mail and test drive Windstream's blazing-fast Internet service and win prizes at Green Truck Tour events.

"This year's Green Truck Tour will really give customers a hands-on experience with our products and services," said Ron Proleika, Windstream vice president of marketing communications. "The tour brings a lot of fun to events too. Visitors will love having photos and videos made on our green screen with the Green Truck!"

During the 2009 tour, Windstream is launching the Classroom Connections program, which will give eight schools in Windstream's service area the chance to receive $200,000 ($25,000 each) for new computer labs or associated technology. Windstream also donated $200,000 in 2008 to community organizations.

Schools are encouraged to apply for Classroom Connections online at The deadline to apply is March 12, and the eight schools selected to receive donations will be announced in early May.

"We are so excited to be able to put technology directly into schools through the Classroom Connections program," Proleika said. "The program provides much needed funds to our education system, and this is a way that Windstream can directly help the communities it serves."

During the Green Truck Tour, Windstream representatives also will reward residents for their good deeds by performing "Random Acts of Kindness." Windstream representatives who see citizens doing something nice for others will give them monetary rewards on the spot.

To learn more about the Green Truck Tour, see the tour schedule and download photos, visit

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