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Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN Adds Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

October 8, 2020

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Windstream Enterprise (WE), a managed communications services provider, has added new Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice command features to its industry-leading SD-WAN solution, enabling network administrators to work more efficiently. WE already includes Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration in its award-winning OfficeSuite UC® solution. This integration with SD-WAN marks the second major voice command innovation, and further demonstrates Windstream Enterprise’s commitment to helping customers streamline their daily activities and simplify their work loads.

SD-WAN customers can now get a pulse on their SD-WAN environment with the following features:

SD-WAN Daily Summary: Provides site status, including the total number of disconnected, connected and impaired sites, as well as sites pending activation.

Ticket Summary: Presents a high-level readout of total open and recently updated tickets.

Ticket Activity: Delivers a more granular look at open tickets, including the ID number, opened date, trouble type and location for which the ticket was created.

Through a simple log in via WE Connect, Windstream Enterprise’s easy-to-use network management portal, customers gain the convenience of digital voice assistants across both SD-WAN and unified communications to stay apprised of their tasks, network health and workload. With a simple voice command, customers will be able to say things like: “Ok Google, Ask Windstream to get my SD-WAN overview,” or “Alexa, Ask Windstream to get my ticket summary.” Many more voice commands are available for both SD-WAN and OfficeSuite UC functions.

“Digital voice assistants are becoming essential in everyday life, and use is increasing as work-from-home and hybrid working environments take hold; therefore, Windstream Enterprise is giving customers the same seamless, innovative and high-tech experience with their unified communications and SD-WAN management,” said Mike Frane, vice president of product management at Windstream Enterprise. “Our philosophy is technology should make our customers’ lives easier and more efficient. We’re delivering on that goal by meeting our customers where they want to interact with us—on their portal, mobile device and now their digital assistant.”

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