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Windstream Enterprise Launches LAN Services with Fortinet Technology for Enhanced Security, Business Intelligence and End-User Experiences

May 18, 2023

New services deliver seamless network integration that helps improve IT agility, innovation and growth across any organization

Windstream Enterprise, a leading IT managed network, security and communications provider, today announced it is now offering Fortinet-based LAN Services as part of its managed service portfolio. This collaboration gives Windstream Enterprise customers new access to seamless network integration, optimized network performance and simpler management — all from a single solution stack.

With LAN Services from Windstream Enterprise, customers can get Secure Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Access Points or Ethernet switches as well as analytics services. Organizations often prioritize Local Area Network (LAN) services when designing their network infrastructure for a multitude of reasons that help business stay up and running, whether that is to prevent network outages, support business growth, keep application versions current and reliable, and avoid service degradation. With Windstream Enterprise LAN Services, powered by Fortinet, customers can leverage a dedicated team of experts to support the configuration, monitoring and maintenance of their network.

As part of LAN Services, clients can utilize Secure WiFi & Analytics to gain expanded visibility, scalability and control of their wireless LAN, leading the way to richer business intelligence into customers’ shopping habits and an improvement of employee productivity via advanced analytics and an easier way to manage the solution. Customers also get Cloud-Managed Switches that helpconnect and streamline wireless access points (WAPs), IP phones, IP cameras, printers and other LAN devices to a wide area network (WAN) — resulting in secure, reliable connections to the Internet. Together, these services are tailored to the unique needs of any industry — whether retail, healthcare or hospitality — so that customers gain the intuitive insights they need to make informed business decisions, advance their IT agility, drive revenue growth and improve end-user experiences.

Today’s news expands upon Windstream Enterprise’s existing and market-leading cloud-based connectivity and security and compliance portfolio. By combining Windstream Enterprise managed services with Fortinet’s secure networking portfolio that provides converged networking and security solutions, customers can achieve a high-performing and integrated network and security from the cloud for reduced branch complexity and a safer end-user environment.

“With our unified Fortinet stack, customers can benefit from one managed service partner to deliver it all, backed by white-glove support from a personalized team of technology experts,” said Chris Alberding, senior director for SASE, SSE and SD-WAN for Windstream Enterprise. “Furthermore, this allows for the seamless integration of LAN Services with other strategic network security and collaboration solutions from Windstream Enterprise, including Managed Network Security (MNS), SD-WAN and OfficeSuite UC® — helping our clients gain business intelligence, enhance security and improve customer and employee experiences.”

To support network management and full visibility into their LAN Services, customers can take advantage of Windstream Enterprise’s award-winning WE Connect portal, which provides complete visibility, management and control of cloud-based services and online dashboards, all via a single pane of glass. For more hands-on support, customers can benefit from ongoing guidance and assistance from a technical service manager when LAN Services are added to SD-WAN and OfficeSuite UC solutions.

“Together with Windstream Enterprise, we’re continuing our commitment to help customers solve their biggest challenges with secure networking solutions that converge networking and security,” said John Maddison, executive vice president of products and CMO for Fortinet. “By adding Fortinet-powered LAN services to Windstream Enterprise’s existing SD-WAN, we’re bringing value to customers who want to reduce complexity and gain critical analytics and insights into their security and network.”

“Working with valued strategic partners like Fortinet is part of our deliberate plan to give customers the most innovative and flexible technology available today,” said Art Nichols, chief technology officer for Windstream Enterprise. “Future-proofing customer networks is just one of our industry-leading guarantees, and with partners like Fortinet, customers can rest assured Windstream Enterprise is dedicated to helping them stay one step ahead.”

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