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Windstream Enterprise and Amazon Web Services Advance the Virtual Meeting Experience for Businesses

January 11, 2023

New service enables reliable, scalable and secure collaboration across distributed work environments

Windstream, a privately held communications and software company, today announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) that gives enterprises using Windstream Enterprise’s OfficeSuite Live virtual meeting platform robust security, scalability, reliability and flexibility to support seamless collaboration and communication in this era of remote and hybrid work.

“Teaming OfficeSuite Live with the AWS cloud architecture brings a new level of sophistication to our industry-leading virtual meeting platform, one that demonstrates scale, performance and resilience,” said Austin Herrington, vice president, product management, Windstream Enterprise, “As a result, our customers and their employees and teams will receive the best possible communications experience.”

Windstream Enterprise turned to the Amazon Chime SDK’s WebRTC capabilities to make video streaming and sharing simple to implement and cost effective. Amazon Chime SDK offers more flexibility to customize the UI to match the OfficeSuite Live look and feel, and offers Windstream Enterprise Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities, such as Amazon Transcribe.

OfficeSuite Live users also benefit from AWS’s multiple availability zone (AZ) architecture, a set of data centers that operates independently from each other and improves the redundancy and reliability of the meeting solution. Network redundancy ensures intentional duplication by providing multiple paths for traffic to increase an application’s dependability, while reliability tracks how consistently these infrastructures function without disruption. Both are critical for businesses operating in today’s always-on environment as a means of preventing unplanned downtime via network outages, human or system error, cyberthreats or malfunctions. By building OfficeSuite Live entirely on the AWS cloud, Windstream Enterprise clients can rely on the continuous availability of the solution and the minimized disruption to their organization’s communication and collaboration needs.

Furthermore, the end-to-end encryption of OfficeSuite Live’s proprietary software—combined with the first-rate security and controls built into the AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure—keeps business communications secure. Encryption is an essential component that enhances data security, protects against breaches and maintains a company’s integrity. This collaboration between OfficeSuite Live and AWS ensures that all compliance and security requirements are met across all major vertical markets, including those that are more highly regulated like financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government and education.

“Windstream Enterprise’s comprehensive virtual meeting experience OfficeSuite Live is a clear example of how AWS customers can use our proven infrastructure and unparalleled portfolio of services to reimagine their entire business,” said Sid Rao, general manager, Amazon Chime SDK at AWS. “With the Chime SDK infrastructure, Windstream Enterprise can bring new enterprise-centric services to its customers, opening the door to possibilities that will transform offices and workplaces, improving their network performance capabilities and security, and help them drive long-term opportunities.”

OfficeSuite Live delivers a business-grade virtual meeting experience that includes voice, video, web conferencing and content-sharing—making it easier to meet, chat, collaborate and share from anywhere, via any device. Customers have the ability to bundle OfficeSuite Live with OfficeSuite UC® as well as networking and security solutions, like SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) from Windstream Enterprise, which reduces the number of providers an organization needs to procure from and manage and allows clients to obtain better pricing.

In addition to the leveraging the AWS Cloud, Windstream Enterprise has made a series of enhancements that include:

  • Full integration between mobile and desktop applications, with enhanced one-on-one meetings and group collaboration sessions—all via an intuitive user interface.
  • Flexibility to host or join audio or video meetings via the application or a web browser, with a clientless experience that offers full functionality and parity across all devices.

“Modern businesses are moving decisively to the cloud,” said Art Nichols, chief technology officer, Windstream Enterprise, “and by working with AWS, Windstream Enterprise will be ready to meet our customers there, as a one-stop-shop where they can access all the cloud-based communications tools they need to keep pace with the speed of business.”

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