Shareholder Services

Transfer Agent:
Computershare Investor Services L.L.C.
In the US: 1-800-697-8153
Outside the US: 1-312-360-5207

Ticker Symbol WINMQ

Electronic Dividend Deposit

Windstream offers Electronic Dividend Deposit to registered common stockholders. Electronic Deposit allows dividend payments to be automatically deposited into a checking or savings account and eliminates the inconvenience of delayed or lost dividend checks.

Electronic Delivery

Help the Environment by Having Windstream Plant a Tree on Your Behalf

Windstream is acting to conserve natural resources in a variety of ways. Now we are proud to also offer shareholders an opportunity to contribute to environmental responsibility. By receiving shareholder materials or links to those materials online, you can reduce the amount of paper mail you receive from us while helping Windstream reduce postage and forms cost . As a thank you for choosing electronic delivery, Windstream will have American Forests, a world leader in tree planting for environmental restoration, plant a tree on your behalf.

It's fast and easy and you can change your electronic delivery options at any time.

To sign up visit or call 1-800-697-8153 or 1-312-360-5207.

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Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan

Windstream offers a Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan for registered common stockholders. In addition to reinvesting dividends, the plan allows participants to invest cash toward the purchase of Windstream common stock. For further details please Click here.